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PET Tape

PET Tape is an adhesive roll tape made of paper, cloth, plastic film and foam, and then evenly coated with elastic adhesive or resin. It is composed of base material, adhesive and paper (film).

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Product Description

1. Introduction of PET Tape

PET Tape is an adhesive roll tape made of paper, cloth, plastic film and foam, and then evenly coated with elastic adhesive or resin. It is composed of base material, adhesive and paper (film).

2. Application of PET Tape

Use: It is widely used in leather, signboard, stationery, electronics, automobile, shoe industry, paper making, handicrafts pasting and positioning. Hot melt double-sided adhesive tape is mainly used in stickers, stationery, office and so on. Oily double-sided adhesive is mainly used in leather goods, pearl cotton, sponge, shoe products. Embroidery double-sided adhesive tape is mainly used in cyber embroidery. Foam is mainly used for sealing and shock absorption of bridge expansion joint, steel-based building, automobile refrigerator, air conditioning and other household appliances, elastic pad of knife plate, heat preservation, moisture-proof and heat insulation.

3. Classification and Features Of PET Tape

Characteristics of PET Tape: Easy to tear off, with good initial adhesion and adhesion, good adhesion to a variety of substrates such as plastic, rubber, rough surface items have good adhesion.

PET film PET Tape: It is made of pet double-sided coating. The color of the tape is transparent and light yellow.

Use: It is suitable for the bonding of nameplates, decorations, plastics and rubber.

Characteristics of PET film PET Tape: High transparency, it can withstand a certain tension. It has good dimensional stability, thermal stability, chemical stability, good initial viscosity and holding viscosity, easy die cutting processing, good adhesion to plastics, rubber and nameplates.

double sided rubber cloth tape is made of fabric as the base material, coated with high viscosity synthetic glue.

Use: Die cutting processing, template fixing, textile fixing, advertising cloth lamp board bonding, etc

Characteristics of double-sided cloth tape: It is flexible, tear resistant, high viscosity, and has a certain adhesion to the rough interface of the wall.

double sided foam tape is coated with adhesive on both sides of foam and then coated with release paper or release film. Base material type: EVA foam, PE foam, PU foam, etc

Use: PE is suitable for fixing the picture frame decoration, furniture decoration, automobile decoration, wave board, wheel arc, baffle, brake lamp, automobile logo, motorcycle label, electrical nameplate, wool top, internal window for high-demand mobile phone, panel. EVA is suitable for various electronic products, electrical appliances, automobiles, communications, computers, toys, household hooks, sports equipment, plastics, hardware and other industries as auxiliary materials. PU is suitable for the adhesion and fixation of hooks, billboards, picture boards, plastic strips, metal sheets, etc.

Characteristics: Foam double-sided adhesive has the characteristics of strong adhesion, good retention, good waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, strong UV resistance, shock absorption and sealing

4.Details Of PET Tape

5. Company

Our company is a specialized and production-oriented enterprise specialized in adhesive products. We have special development and employees to carry out scientific experiments and production, cooperate with scientific research institutions and enjoy independent physical and chemical laboratory, which can ensure that each product of the company meets the technical index and performance. Since the establishment of our company, we have been making unremitting efforts to develop new products and technologies. We have produced marketable products for enterprises in Wuhan, Xi'an, Beijing and Shanghai. The quality has reached or exceeded the quality of similar products. Our products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

Integrity, innovation, development, progress is our consistent code of behaviors.

We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

6. Testing standard:ROHS

7. Shipping

After the transaction, both parties negotiate the mode of delivery, including logistics freight, container terminal shipping, etc.

8. serving

After the order is confirmed, the Demander shall pay 30% of the total payment as the deposit, and the Demander shall settle all the payment before delivery.

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