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What should I do if my clothes are sticky but there is no sticky roller?


There are always clothes made of very sticky hairs. At this time, we will use the sticky roller to remove all the hairs, but if the hair sticky roller just runs out and you can’t wait to buy it, what should you do?


In fact, every one of us hides sticky roller in our homes. These three things in the house are slightly modified, and they are very useful sticky roller~


Plastic bottle + tape


Prepare a plastic bottle, with the tape sticking side facing outwards, wrap the entire bottle on the plastic bottle from top to bottom, and a hair sticker is ready. Then lay the clothes flat, and roll them back and forth on the clothes with the made wool sticking device, the wool can be easily glued out.

 sticky roller



First spread the clothes with fluff in a clean place; then damp the sponge with a basin of water (either cold or hot), pick up the moisture in it, and then gently wipe the clothes with the soaked sponge. Wipe while dusting, so that most of the fluff will be dusted off by the sponge, and small pieces of fluff will stick to the sponge.


Rubber gloves


Rubber gloves generally have bumps that are not smooth, so this part can be used to "scrape" off paper scraps. In order not to damage the clothes, you can soak the clothes first~