Handle Sticky Roller Refill Manufacturers

Wandatape is a famous China Handle Sticky Roller Refill manufacturers and Handle Sticky Roller Refill suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of Sticky Roller. Proven quality and leading technology of our company may meet different customer’s satisfaction. We dedicate to producing environmental-friendly tapes and safety is fundamental aspect of our policy as well. We focused on the targeted markets in America, Middle East area, Europe and Japan, etc.

Handle Sticky Roller Refill is made of coating glue with coated single-sided paper by special process.

Handle Sticky Roller Refill is used to clean the dry surface. It is suitable for carpet, wall, car trunk, clothes, floor dust and hair.

Since the Handle Sticky Roller Refill is made by paper material, so it has no pollution, environmentally friendly, easy to tear off from the printing line, beautiful packaging, family essential, lightweight and replaceable.

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Customized Handle Sticky Roller Refill made in China can be realized in Wandatape. Our firm is one of China Handle Sticky Roller Refill manufacturers, China Handle Sticky Roller Refill suppliers.We have been working hard towards the goal of becoming one of the international brands As a wholesaler, you can buy discount products with a low price. If you need, we can give you a free sample and look forward to cooperating with you.